🌸 These frames are designed to open with the small sliding latch. I recommend not opening it unless you would like to place something special of your own inside. If you do decide to open it place the frame down on a flat surface first. The flowers & fruit are glued in but can easily be moved around if not careful.

🌸 All frames are not water tight, they are only meant to be hung indoors.

🌸 All frames have a prismatic effect so if placed in area with sunlight they will cast vibrant rainbows into your home!

🌸 I don't always have time for custom commission pieces but if I do I will try to make it happen! Shoot me a message via the Contact link on my website or email at info@thefractalflorist.com

🌸 I do not grow all of my own flowers. I live in beautiful Lake Tahoe, California & although beautiful, our seasons are often unpredictable. I resource my flowers in a few ways, wildflowers from my backyard in Alpine Meadows, flower farms in Central California, & online.

🌸 Some flowers are dyed to give an extra bright effect and pop!

🌸 As with time & sun exposure your flowers may lighten overtime but never cease to be beautiful! If you are looking to maintain the vibrancy of the flowers, it is best to not leave in a very sun direct place. If you care more about having the prismatic rainbow effect than find the sunniest spot in your home for maximum rainbow splashes inside!

🌸 Still have a question? Send me a message, I'd be happy to answer!